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PPP Trading Programme & Monetization

We can provide access to the TRADE platform if required - please see below for an example of such services we offer to our clients.

We work very closely with two different trade groups who are direct to a number of trade platforms, including Barclays and HSBC London, UBS in Zurich and a platform each in Australia and USA.

We will be happy to introduce you to the trade group, who will place you into a direct trade with any one of the above, and potentially others, depending on what programmes are running at the time of application.  They are able to facilitate monetise only, or monetise and place into trade, or simple cash investments.


We are dealing with over 50 applications per week, most of which turn out to be fake or abandoned for some unknown reason. Our role with them, as well as doing the introduction, is to assist in the collation of the documentation, so they can perform a smooth compliance and check before submitting the file to the platform. Once the group has the information, a call is agreed with you/your client to discuss the requirements and intentions etc. Once your request is accepted, we will put the client directly on a platform or the appropriate monetization.

With a capital of more than 100 million dollars, access to level 1 trade is provided.

Pour tout montant supérieur à 10 millions de dollars, vos fonds seront gardés sous votre seul contrôle sur un compte non déversé. Si vous êtes dans une grande banque crédible, vos fonds peuvent probablement y rester et être bloqués. Sinon, le groupe peut vous ouvrir un compte, qui sera à nouveau à votre nom, auquel vous seul aurez accès.