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Your FCL Shipment in Seconds

Your FCL Shipment in Seconds

FCL shipments can be easy and quick. Book and manage your FCL container online and with the help of a team of experts.

Have The Entire Container Have more flexibility and control over your FCL cargo.

Ship Safely Be responsible for loading and unloading and avoid possible rough handling that comes with LCL shipping that risk damaging your cargo.

Be Competitive FCL may be the more economical option even if you don’t occupy the entire container.

What is FCL? FCL: Full Container Load An FCL shipmentnis the transportation of a shipment from an entire shipping container. The Merchandisebeing imported or exported has exclusive use of the containernspace and doesn’t have to share with importers or exporters, unlike LCL (Load Container Load)

Here´s When You Should Book FCL

• 1 When you send more than 10 standard pallets or 14m3 worth of merchandise: Goods above this volume may be shipped at a lower rate via FCL than LCL. → Optimize costs with an FCL shipment.

• 2 When you need your cargo to be secure: With FCL shipping, goods are not in contact with those of other shippers and have a lower risk of being damaged. → Protect your cargo with FCL shipping.

• 3 When your shipment is urgent: Transit times for FCL shipments are shorter because they don’t go through as many hubs as LCL shipments do. → Fast

track your shipment with FCL shipping.

Most popular types of FCL container loads

Select the FCL container that best suits your needs.

20-foot FCL container Ship up to 10 standard pallets or 11 European pallets.

40-foot FCL container Ship up to 21 standard pallets or 25 European pallets.

40-foot high cube container Ship up to 25 European pallets with an additional 8.3m3 of space.

Sending an FCL shipment in non-standard containers? Contact our experts for help with personalizing your FCL cargo. If you’re unsure about which container you need for your FCL shipment, consult our guide on shipping container dimensions

Services included with your FCL shipment

Door-to-port FCL shipments

If you’re an exporter, door-to-port FCL shipments usually offer the most competitive prices.

• Pick up

• Customs clearance

• Terminal charges at origin

• Ocean freight Port-to-door FCL shipments This is the most recommended option for importers looking to optimize FCL shipping costs.

• Ocean freight

• Terminal charges at destination

• Customs clearance

• Delivery

Door-to-door FCL shipments Manage your FCL cargo from start to end when shipping to or from multiple countries.

• Pick up

• Customs clearance at origin

• Terminal charges at origin

• Ocean freight

• Terminal charges at destination

• Customs clearance at destination

•Delivery Book your door-to-door FCL shipment Need additional services? From cargo insurance to palletizing, consolidation and deconsolidation services, our team of experts can help you with additional services for the most all-rounded shipping experience. Compare in case you need more options.

The best Incoterm for FCL shipments. THE MOST POPULARS INCOTERMRS ARE


The Incoterm selected for your FCL cargo determines how competitive your shipment is.

If you need assistance with selecting the best Incoterm for your FCL container, contact our team of experts

Ocean Freight

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