We are an European Company for Trade, Investment, Financial Services, Import, Export, Food Products Sales Services, Real Estate Services, luxury Real Estate Construction and other sales of others products, Our Company is based in West Midlands in England and has agency in Barakaldo in (Spain), expanding for 25 years in the African, American, Asian and European market, with more than 3800 partners working full or part time and constantly growing.

We have the best ratio of quality-quantity-price…

On the market. We don’t have competition in our area. Better products, betters services, betters quality and a better price than the rest of the companies in the sector. Always strive to produce the best for our clients to meet their challenges.

We have a network of more than three thousand clients

…interested in financial services and a network of more than eight hundred contacts of agents and brokers who offer financial services. We facilitate contacts between those who require a specific service and those who offer that service worldwide.

For what you spend elsewhere, here is 3 times better…

…than what you are looking for and with a fair price on services and products of great quality and of longer duration. Our services are tailored to market demands and proportionate to our clients’ wishes.

We are committed to providing professional service with the highest level of honesty and integrity and strive to add value to our tax and advisory services.

With our specialists and more than 25 years of experience in financial optimization, we attach great importance to business law.

Why ? Because in today’s rapidly changing environment, our customers need assistance in the business arena.

Our experience allows us to be confident and true to our words.

Consultancy service and strategy in business tax optimization

Offshore Company

Consulting services and complete creation of  Company.

Bank account

Bank account creation service for your offshore company


Service of financial arrangements for investments (POF, SBLC, etc.)



We would like to offer you the ability to be able by one of our providers to provide a First Class European Bank Proof of Funds (POF) valid for one year and renewable in accordance with the terms and conditions of the lease agreement.

We have a food products factory in Senegal

Our Store

Our food products are all ecological and made with the same natural components of our land. They carry the same premium quality and natural flavor and last a long time.